Screen_Shot_2014-02-21_at_8.13.53_PMAt least once a year schools place all their work on display for parents and the general public to view. That is a tradition at the Belize High School of Agriculture which today boasted the students work accomplished since the start of the school year. In addition, though, is a cultural aspect that the community and especially the students have embraced. Reporter Dalila Ical takes a look at the day’s event.


Dalila Ical -  Reporter


It’s their open and culture day and all 215 students at Belize High School of Agriculture took part in the celebration. High School Principal CecilioPech says the event provides a space for both students and residents in nearby communities to interact.


CecilioPech – Principal, BHSA

“We are taking the opportunity of integrating both so that the cultural presentations attract more the parents and the community at large and at the same time to take an opportunity to view the students work at school.”


All students showcased their talents in the different subject areas including mathematics, English, science, social studies among others.


CecilioPech – Principal, BHSA


“What I am emphasizing today with the students is that culture it is not just the dance, it is not just the music, it is not only the costumes, we need to establish a culture of our own, we need to try to define an identity so that we are not influence we see people specially the young ones wearing earphones around in the streets, different kind of clothing, different kind of styles, different kind of shoes, even in greeting the elders, we don’t see that respect as we had in the past we need to cultivate a culture within the community for instance which is something difficult that we are experiencing in the community and in schools so this is the kind of culture that we also need to encourage.”


Second form students showcased traditional sweets and foods, while third and fourth presented dances such as the Baile de la Cinta and el BailedelPavoreal. The dances are presented at different intervals during the day and the community clearly showed their appreciation for the talent. Students like Simon Chi takes pride in conserving these cultural treasures.


Simon Chi – Student baile de la cinta

“I feel proud about doing that because we can learn things that other people could see us and so it is something that I could encourage other young people to do and to promote culture and other things.”


Manuel Rejon – Principal, Compassion School

“My students are excited and I can see them playing games and participating in the different booths, the different activities that the students from this high school have prepared and I am sure that they are learning something and at the same time having a great outdoor fun.”


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