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deonOn Wednesday we told you about Belizean star player Deon Maccaulay who was drafted by the Atlanta Silverbacks to play international football for the US club. As we reported Deon departed Belize on Friday February 21st where he met with his new ball club in Atlanta. Well tonight, social media was again buzzing with a rather controversial issue about his departure. As we understand it, Maccaulay’s contract with the Belmopan Bandits was still in effect, and was to be until May so his independent move to sign with an international club is being deemed as a breach of contract. For a greater understanding of the Deon’s situation here in Belize, we contacted Belmopan Bandits Manager, Kenneth Budna who told us that Deon did not follow proper protocol as he willfully bypassed the FFB rules.

Kenneth Budna- Manager Belmopan Bandits

That is one of the things that we actually appreciate from Deon because I as the manager spoke to Deon at an outreach while before the training at our championship game and I spoke to Deon and told him that the owner spoke to me about the situation that you are and to go to another club and I asked him if he could give me the details of that and his responds to me was that I don’t need to know that because he don’t want the media to be all in his business and I say fine if I cannot get any information from you then I cannot transmit any information as to where we are going but he should have contacted the management of the Belmopan Bandits in regard to Deon at the first stage and said that to the big problem that we have because it is going to build up back, finally find a contract and he find a contract here in Belize.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“What is the contract here in Belize with you guys, with the Bandits?”

Kenneth Budna- Manager Belmopan Bandits

“Well, the contract here and his contract is binding until the end of our tournament which our calendar second half of the tournament is in July but we will finish before July because we have to meet CONCACAF for the champions league so that is finished in May, so his contract would have been completed at the end of our 2013/2014 tournament and that is the whole issue with that we have no problem with to release him but he can’t leave here and go and sign another contract there without the proper protocol which Silverback should have contacted the Belmopan Bandits before him sign any contract there.”

Interesting to note is that on social media it was said that John Saldivar had refused to sign his release from Belmopan Bandits Football Club unless McCaulay can pay him $25 thousand US - monies which Saldivar believe McCaulay can afford through the contract with Silverbacks. According to Budna, this was simply allegations and there is no truth to that. Of note too, we contacted Deon’s father for comment, David Maccauley who said he is worried of his son’s future but hopes that the situation will be remedied in a timely manner. Up to news time, Budna had sent Deon’s contract to the Silverbacks, as did the Silverbacks to the Belmopan Bandits. We will keep monitoring this story.

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