no-photoKeeping a healthy life style is important and today Seventh Day Adventist Junior College hosted a Health fair at the Central Park in Corozal Town. Lecturer Carlos Magaña tells us more on the objective of this event which marks there third year. Victor Castillo Reports.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

From body massages to hypertension tests, the public was in for a morning session filled of knowledge as to keep a healthy life style. Today professors, students and members of the Health system took time off their busy schedule to educate the public on several health issues. Carlos Magaña spoke on the objective of this year’s event.

Carlos Magaña – Lecturer

“One of the objectives of the institution, Belize Adventist Junior College, is to give back to the community in some of its programs; the health fair is an annual health fair that we hold I which we try to bring in certain topics, this year the topic has to do specifically with how the body needs to be treated.  If we look around there is a section where we do massages and what benefit that has in the upholding of the physical aspect of the body and I another section we have a section where they selling food without nay meat and why because that is one of the principles that we believe and it is important for us to be able to eat healthy food which doesn’t contain any source of meat; pure cereals and grains and that is one of the things that we believe and we try to give back to the community in this section.”

Today’s turn out and participation was over whelming. Several organizations from the health sector attended and helped to disseminate information.

Carlos Magaña – Lecture

“We invited the medical team from the Corozal Hospital to be with us and helping us with the taking of blood pressure and taking of sugar and also making it HIV test then we invited another group which helps with the physical aspect of the body and they are doing some demonstrations on how you can defend yourself in any action where you can be aggress by an individual in the street, how you can defend yourself. So it is important for us to be wholeheartedly in it in an aspect which individuals can and should be able to know within the society how health benefits us.”

Magaña also added that this fair forms part of the yearly curriculum in their Biology Department.

Carlos Magaña – Lecture

“It’s part of the curriculum to the body of the biology or the science department, nonetheless all the other schools, the business school is also vital, the It school is invited, the math school is invited so all of us come in and participate because we believe it is something interior in the life of an individual to have a healthy background so it is not on y the biology section that does it but all the other schools come in to be able to explain what are the benefits of a healthy life.”    

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