As mentioned at the top of the newscast, on March 7th the Orange Walk Town Council will complete two years of being in office. And with the completion of two years came the election of a new Deputy Mayor and changes in councilor’s portfolios. Those changes were made over the weekend among councilors during a special meeting held at the council.

Kevin Bernard- Orange Walk Mayor

“Yes, we did had our meeting this last Saturday and we are completing our second year in office and a such we had met (1) to elect the new deputy Mayor and they had two candidates that had put in their names to run as deputy Mayor both Laddrick Sheppard and Ian Cal and after the election was held Ian Cal was elected by majority votes as the deputy Mayor for the third year at that meeting also we had some changes in terms of portfolio that has shifted around some bit and assigned to other councillors.”

Screen_Shot_2014-03-03_at_8.17.13_PMIan Cal- Newly Elected Deputy Mayor

“First of all I would like by thanking the Council for giving me that opportunity to serve for this third year as the deputy Mayor and of course as the new deputy Mayor more responsibilities is added on to my portfolio and much more is expected and with this third year there is a lot to be done and as the Mayor mention we want to look at more of infrastructure work and we still have some street in plan to pave and something that passed under portfolio which is now parks and play grounds and we are looking to this April starts and the rehabilitation of our Central Park something that we promise to the people of Orange Walk and something that we intend to carry through and as the deputy Mayor I intend to work closer to the Mayor and to give advice as a Council and to ensure that these things are done and we are here to work for the people of Orange Walk and to work hand in hand with the Town Board, with the Mayor and to ensure that everything carry on properly.”

As for the portfolios they are assigned as follows. Mayor Bernard: Financial Management, Revenue Collection, Administration, Human Resource Management, Taxes, Emergency Management, Municipal Growth Plans, Vendors & Sister City/Town Relations, Special Events. Councilor Josue Carballo: Sanitation, Civil Works, Streets Maintenance, Planning & Urban Infrastructure; Project Management. Councilor Rozel Arana: Culture & Women Affairs. Councilor Jose Urbina: Traffic Control & Management, Cemetery, Public Safety, Recreational Planning & Development. Deputy Mayor Ian Cal: Parks & Playgrounds, Tourism Promotion & Development, Civic Pride, Public Health, Environmental Protection, Information Technology & Staff Relations. Councilor Neri Ramirez: Street Side Chopping, Market Management, Civil Society, NGO’s, Utility Agencies Coordination, & Town Zoning. Councilor Ladrick Sheppard - Youth & Sports, Youth Enhancement Programs, Crime and Drug Reduction and Prevention.

Tomorrow we will have more on the interview with Mayor Bernard including the plans of the council for their third year in office.

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