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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:47
  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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An early education is an early investment in the future, and here in Orange Walk educators take that very seriously. Today marked the kickoff of Child Stimulation month celebrated every year in March. This year the month is being celebrated under the theme “Early Childhood Where Our Future Begins”. As usual the month was declared officially open here in Orange Walk with all pre-schools taking part in the first activity in the calendar, a parade through the principle streets of town. Carmelita Perez Reports.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-03_at_8.17.26_PMCarmelita Perez – Reporting

With this year’s theme leading the parade, 25 pre-schools from the Orange Walk District took part in the first activity in observation of Child Stimulation Month. With bright colors and smiling faces decorating the parade, pre-schoolers marched to the beat of drums and songs.

Lisa Carrillo- Education Officer Orange Walk

“As District Education Centre we want to continue promoting that early childhood education which is very, very important it is the foundation for children’s education.  In the Pre-school Centre what is done is that they social, they learn to play and they learn to get along with their peers so that they are ready for the primary school which is a totally different setting so we really want to encourage parents to send them to pre-school because it is a different setting and it is very important that they receive these skills so that they are prepared for the primary school.”

For the Ministry of Education the month is a period in which they focus on sensitizing parents on the importance of pre-school education.

Lisa Carrillo- Education Officer Orange Walk

“Every year in the month of March is set aside for stimulation and for promoting early childhood education because it is something new for parents and for our education system so we want to promoted it and in doing that we stimulate the children. We have a monthly calendar where we have different activities but mainly the activities are in class activities to stimulate the children.  There are only four planned events like this month, the first one and we have a festival at the end of the month then they have two other activities that are with clusters so the pre-schools meet a group of pre-schools and they have sports day, community day or cultural day.”

Over the years the Ministry has observed that more and more parents, especially in the rural areas, are being receptive about the concept of early education and enrolling their children in the programme.

Lisa Carrillo- Education Officer Orange Walk

“Every year the parade gets bigger and bigger and we are very pleased with what we saw today and lots of parents came out so we want to thank the parents of Orange Walk for coming out and being with their children.”


And with early childhood education being the stepping stone to a child’s academic journey numbers, graphics and objects form an important part of the month’s activities. Other activities for Child Stimulation Month include sports day and grandparent’s day.

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