imagesCA0KZ356CTV-3 has spent some time on the financial woes of the Orange Walk Town Council, a body which by its own admission is broke and unable to adequately provide services to the residents of town. From the figures which we have seen, its pretty clear that the dismal state of the Council is not due to any shortfall in revenue from any source. Nor is the Council broke because it has spent all its money cleaning up town and maintaining streets as it was mandated to do.

From what weve seen of the financials, it is clear that there is gross mismanagement at the Council. In May, for example, $3000 was spent on uniforms for the office staff and $8000 on staff allowances, while only $100 was spent on clearing drains and culverts even with the rainy season approaching.

So the picture is clear, and its getting worse. CTV-3 has received reliable information that a local bank used by the Council has yanked their overdraft. Sources tell us that the Council must find over $50,000 immediately to pay half the overdraft, and must pay the remaining balance by October.

So where does that leave the Council? Well, obviously in a hole which gets deeper with every passing week.

Today we contacted Councilor Kevin Bernard who told us that he is scheduled to go into Town Hall tomorrow morning to take a much closer look at the finances. If that works out, well have much more in tomorrows newscast.

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