A traffic collision on the Philip Goldson Highway in the earlier part of the morning today, claimed the life of resident from Altamira Corozal. Lennox Garbutt decided to head out to Belize City in the wee hours of this morning after learning that his sister had passed away. Little did he know that death was also calling him. He took the wheel and upon reaching between mile 6 and 7 of the highway Garbuit became involved in a traffic accident. Tonight his family is having a double wake as Garbutt passed away this morning at the KHMH. Reporter Maria Novelo followed the story and filed the following report.

Lennox-GarbuttMaria Novelo- Reporting

This narrow stretch of meandering roads between the Haulover Bridge and the junction to Burrel Boom has seen a lot of traffic mishaps recently and that was compounded early this morning around 3:00am when another traffic mishap occurred, taking the life of an Alta Mira resident of Corozal Town. Reliable reports to our newsroom is that after hearing of his sisters passing last night, Lennox Garbutt took to the road to meet up with his grieving family in Belize City, little did he know, his life would be cut short. According to Assistant Superintendent of the Ladyville Police Station, Chris Noble, the collision occurred between mile 6 and 7 of the Philip Goldson highway involving a red Chrysler and a blue/grey Toyota Corolla.

ASP Chris Noble - Rural Executive Officer

“Police responded to a call of a traffic accident in the area between miles six and seven on the Phillip Goldson Highway. We met two vehicles out there and person out there that had been injured. They were transported to Karl Heusner and early part of the morning, one of the occupants of one of the vehicles passed. We are presently dealing with an autopsy for that person. Pretty young is our information so far, but we have established that vehicles were traveling in opposite direction; that is, one was traveling to the City and the other to the Ladyville area. From the investigation, we have very little to go on at this stage. The autopsy will reveal some information. The other persons which I believe were in the area of two will furnish us with some information and hopefully we can put closure to it for all parties involved.”

While there is very little information for the police to go on, two other persons travelling in the opposite direction also sustained injuries but managed to get out of the mangled wreck alive. Over the past few weeks, high volumes of traffic mishaps have been recorded. Noble says, in order to address the growing problem, stricter reinforcements will be set in place and highway patrol will be increased. And as in most cases, alcohol is a factor.

ASP Chris Noble - Rural Executive Officer

"What we've seen is something that has been claiming lives, people's livelihoods; we've seen accidents between the area of Haulover Bridge and Burrell Boom. The accidents have been increasing and the fatalities have been numerous. Persons with injuries; I cannot even begin to tell you the exact figure but they are large in number. What we can see is that: one; persons are not being cautious enough when they are driving. People tend to believe that if I am incapacitated, I will be asleep. There are things that will inhibit you from performing to your fullest and that people consume these things. That is by choice - they are adults. Hoping that people understand that looking at what has been happening we will be stepping up our efforts and at that level there is no turning back."

Garbutt passed away while receiving treatment at the KHMH around 6:30 this morning. Best information to our newsroom is that Garbutt was headed to Belize City to grieve along with his family the death of his sister, Special Constable at the Raccoon Police Station, Lenneth Ferguson.

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