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  • Speaker Of The House Signs MOU With FOPREL And SICA

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
  • New International Flight Headed To Belize

    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
  • 224 Farmers Graduate From Farmers Field School

    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09


Yesterday we told you about the fiery press release sent out to the masses by the Roman Catholic Chancery office on their stance to not support the “20,000 Strong Women Empowerment Rally’ and promised to have a response from the Special Envoy for Women and Children today.


Well, the office of the Special Envoy responded indeed but it was a subtle response to say the least. While many of us were anticipating a harsh counter reaction, the Special Envoy for Women and Children release says while the rally seeks to ‘empower and inspire women to claim our rightful space as equal partners in the development of the country…. It is very disappointing that the Roman Catholic Church is attempting to ascribe extraneous motives to this event that is intended simply to honor and uplift women.’


The release ends stating that partnership and unity have always been core values of the Envoys approach and will remain open to genuine dialogue and working with the church to empower women in our society,’ end quote. But in a one on one interview with our colleagues of Channel Seven News Kim Barrow was not that subtle and expressed her disappointment in the Roman Catholic Church for stating that the National Women’s Commission quote "Promotes values that contradict Christian and moral teachings regarding respect for all human life, family marriage, and human sexuality. The well-being of women cannot be enhanced by advocacy which promotes abortions and so called pseudo rights of men and women and same sex relationships. “end of quote.


Here is Mrs. Barrow’s reaction.

Kim Simplis-Barrow - Special Envoy For Women And Children

"Well, it's of course disappointing. It's something that I wasn't expecting. It's regrettable that I was not asked for an audience, that no clarification was requested from me as to what this is about. So, it's really bothersome, but we move on. We respect the church."

Jules Vasquez- Reporter

"The statement from the church says the National Women's Commission, which is the lead organizing agent, is an advocate of abortions and an advocate of disordered sexual activity."

Kim Simplis-Barrow- Special Envoy For Women And Children

"I have to say this. My office is the organizer of this 20,000 Strong Women's Empowerment Rally. The National Women's Commission is serving as the Secretariat. They are doing the logistical works for my office. So, I really respectfully think that the Catholic Church was fed wrong information, really seriously wrong information I would hope that they would reconsider, and they would join with us in celebrating our Belizean women. Is the Catholic Churches, in your opinion, is the church's attack on the rally sexist?"

Kim Simplis-Barrow- Special Envoy For Women And Children

"I think that from the feedback that I've gotten, yes."

According to Barrow the purpose of the rally is to promote the true value of women.

Kim Simplis-Barrow - Special Envoy For Women And Children

"It's a symbolic gesture for women. It has never been done before, where we call our women to come together under one umbrella, no matter who you are, or where you all. It is a kick-off. It is the launch of a series of events that we'll be having. Janelle Chanona will be presenting a way forward inspiring women, the day, tomorrow, which will include our action plan for the rest of the year. Now, we wanted to make it big because we wanted to make people, women, away of what we're doing, and to capture people's attention, to get them to come out. This - and I must repeat - it's really about celebrating who we are as women, how far we've come. I might be marching tomorrow for celebrating my life. I'm celebrating life; I'm celebrating a second chance that was given to me. Someone else might be celebrating the fact that their husband left them with 3 kids, and saying, you know what? I'm working and struggling, but my kids are in school, and I am surviving."

Jules Vasquez- Reporter

"You're asking employers, or you're asking people to leave their work to come out and march, but is that practical?"


Kim Simplis-Barrow - Special Envoy For Women And Children

"It's symbolic, yes, it's imagine a day without women, and it's not a punishment to men. Imagine your workforce without women. Imagine how that day would be."

Jules Vasquez- Reporter

"So, you want to feel it."

Kim Simplis-Barrow - Special Envoy For Women And Children

"Yes, that's the point, to feel what it would be like."

We have yet to see how that will play out at tomorrow’s 20K Strong rally. We’ll bring you that story in our subsequent newscast.

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