policeThe preliminary inquiry for Benedicto Tillett and Giovanni Diaz was held today. Both men are being accused of murdering 26 year old Josue Velasquez of San Lazaro Village on the 8th of March of last year.

The body of Velasquez was found lying face down with multiple chop wounds to his body on a feeder road in the village of San Lazaro. Vasquez is believed to have been ambushed by Tillett and Diaz.

Today 18 witnesses were called for the preliminary inquiry. Of those 18 witnesses, 10 of them are residents of San Lazaro, some of whom state that they heard an argument prior to the incident between the three men. Eight pieces of evidence will be presented for the trial.

The post mortem examination results will also be listed as evidence, along with the testimony of Dr. Mario Estradabran.

Magistrate Linden Flowers headed the preliminary inquiry. The case is now officially at the Supreme Court level and will be included in the list for trial in the upcoming session set for September of this year.

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