Screen_Shot_2014-03-06_at_8.19.05_PMA well-known tour guide of San Pedro Town was mercilessly gunned down around two this morning in that municipality. The victim has been identified as 32 year old Jeffrey Eiley, son of Philanthropists Norman and Susana Eiley. According to the police report, Jeffery was shot multiple times at the corner of Angel Coral and Tarpon Streets. Eiley who worked as a tour guide on the island was found conscious and bleeding profusely on the pavement and residents report that minutes before he was found, they heard up to ten gunshots in the area. He was rushed to the Dr. Otto Rodrigues San Pedro Poly-clinic II where he later succumbed to his injuries around three this morning. Ctv3 News spoke to a livid and teary eyed Aunt of the deceased, Patty Arceo.

Patty Arceo – Aunt of Deceased

“We are in very pain right now as a family, we are sharing a pain right now that we see every week on the television over and over again, of families being hurt through gun and violence and these are issues that we need to address, not shuffling people back and forth every so many months let us get on our feet I am asking the minister of security, the minister of defence, the minister of police get down on your knees and start doing your job because families are suffering.  Today my little niece just four years old is being left without a father but I know every week there are many children who are also left without fathers when we will put a stop to this let us work together and today in the platform let us use this platform and send a strong message to government to get back on the horse and start to do the job that you were elected.  I honestly I can’t express how I am feeling right now because I know it is a pain that every week is being shown in the television and I have to say I never expected to come on TV and be expressing this but honestly we need to do something and something very fast. “

Police report that shortly before the shooting, Eiley was involved in an altercation with another man on the beachfront but authorities had separated that fight. Eiley, it is understood, left the area but was accosted a few yards from his home by an unknown person or persons who first beat him and then fired several shots at him. Three of the bullets hit Eiley below his left and right elbow and to his right triceps. Police have recovered nine expended shells from the scene of the shooting. A motive for the shooting has not yet been ascertained but authorities are looking for one suspect, Rafael Juarez.

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