As mentioned at the top of the newscast the House of Representatives will converge at the national Assembly Building in Belmopan tomorrow and the Prime Minister is scheduled to make his presentation on the National Budget for Belize. The national budget which includes roughly $800 million in recurrent spending and $200 million in capital spending, for a total of approximately $1 billion was submitted to Cabinet on Thursday, February 27. Almost 40% of that is earmarked for wages and pensions, including funds programmed for a salary adjustment for teachers and public officers, which is due to take effect in July 2014. But while that is yet to be officially announced, we asked former Party leader for the People’s United Party, John Briceno to weigh in on the PM’s presentation.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-06_at_8.18.59_PMJohn Briceno- Orange Walk Central Area Representative

“I expect a lot of gimmicks from the Prime Minister you know he is a wonderful spin doctor, he is a good defense lawyer and I always give him credit for that I think that in many instances he forgets that he is the Prime Minister and thinks that he is in the court room defending a client. Obviously From what we have seen from the SIB it is telling us that we have an economy that is flat lining, that we have an economy where the business sector is not investing because the business sector does not have the confidence in the Government. It shows that the only employment that has been created is by the Government using tax payer’s money which is not necessarily a bad thing but in the short term it is unsustainable. We cannot run a country by the way the Government Is running the economy and if you notice what the UDP Government has been ding over the years they have nationalized at least three different big entities where they have taken it over and no it is in their hands   and certainly I don’t believe that is the way to run a country. So the Prime Minister will try to pretty things us as best as he could but at the end of the day people out here know that things harder out here than ever before.”

We’ll have full coverage of the House Meeting in tomorrow newscast!

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