landIf there is one promise that Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP have kept since coming into office more than three years ago, it is the promise to QUITAR to take away land from Belizeans. They have made good on that promise all over the country, and certainly here in Orange Walk where land has been arbitrarily grabbed for redistribution to UDP families and friends.

Tonight our news team is following a story in San Juan where residents of that village and surrounding communities are expressing serious concern after indications that the UDP plans to QUITAR land which belongs to them.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

These parcels located at the entrance of San Juan are spread out over 400 acres of land. Located on what is called the “Petrojam” area, they are held by over 200 residents of the nearby villages of San Jose, San Pablo, San Juan and Douglas.

The residents have been holding the lease papers and direct purchase papers for the past four years when the lands were allocated under the previous administration. But there is great concern today because government has hired a team of private surveyors to resurvey the land.

And it seems that those residents have reason to be concerned. Today we spoke to a representative from the Ministry of Lands who told us that Government plans to redistribute the land, although residents have gotten no notice about their leases being cancelled. We’ll keep following this developing story.

Tomorrow a meeting is being held in San Juan with the residents of the area to discuss a way forward. 

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