Screen_Shot_2014-03-07_at_8.15.20_PMTonight, a jury of 12 deliberated over the Supreme Court case of a murder charge against Elijah Miller, a Tower hill resident who was accused of beating his 2 year old step son to death on July 1st, 2009. The case is being heard by Supreme Court Judge, Herbet Lord but up to news time no verdict has been set.


As we’ve reported in the past, the child, Ezekiel Tejeda, had been left with Miller and two other siblings. It was alleged by the child’s mother that he threw Ezekiel in the air, stoned him with a pint bottle, and shook him.


When the mother returned home she sensed something was wrong and took him to the hospital. The doctor said everything was okay but shortly after the baby was rushed to the hospital again and that’s when he died during surgery. A post mortem certified that the child died from complications of abdominal trauma after he received multiple bruises to his abdomen, bowel, and intestines.

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