Karate is much more than acquiring self defense skills the martial art teaches discipline, patience, perseverance, and dedication based on ethical principles.

The discipline has been gaining popularity here in our country and Orange Walk boasts a very active Shotokan Tiger Karate Club. Since an exceptional performance two months ago at the Belize Karate Federation Juniors Championship the Orange Walk Shotokan Tiger Karate Club has been busy with new members eager to learn.

Instructor Mervin Reyes told us today that apart from focusing on karate-based skills he has also been working with members on a fitness and nutrition program.

reyesMervin Reyes- Sensei, Shotokan Tiger Karate Club

“For the karate we teach the Shotokan karate. For the Action for Life Fitness and Nutrition Centre we teach some aerobics, power yoga and from time to time we do jump training. In any one session during a 60 minute period you can counter and experience four of these at 15 minutes per session. This makes it very hard to get bored as when you go to place to do only aerobics day in day out.”

The program is especially for those persons that need to shed some pounds, as instructor Mervin Reyes says that the program allows participants to burn off calories with a very versatile workout agenda.

Mervin Reyes- Sensei, Shotokan Tiger Karate Club

“I have had at least 5 persons within the last month that have been losing weight and I am talking about persons that are over 200lbs losing up to 10 to 15 pounds in a month, I that is significant improvement because if they were not in the program they would still have that weight or even more and probably they would have been sick already. Coming to work out is a step in the right direction it is hard work but at the end of the day you know that you are going to feel good when you look in the mirror because you will know that you have achieved physical health. If you are not healthy then you can forget your plans.”

For parents looking to involve their children in the karate program this summer there is a special 40 day summer camp starting on the 27th of this month. The training will consist of 36 days of indoor training and four days of competition on a field trip.

Mervin Reyes- Sensei, Shotokan Tiger Karate Club

“For the kids we have the Summer Program coming up from June 27th and then that will run for forty days. The program will be all about karate it is going to be a nice experience because participants will meet new friends and get a whole new experience for this summer. The program is going to end the 28th of August 2011.”

Carlos Santana is a student of karate, and told us that he encourages others to join as it teaches discipline and self-control.

Carlos Santana- karate student

“It is fun feeling because you know all your Catos which is techniques and I feel motivated because I have my sister and my friends here to cheer me on because the tournament is coming and I am going to be participating in it. I love karate I use to do it in Cayo and when I moved here I saw a big karate sign so I told myself let me check it out and I was surprised so I joined the karate class and it inspired me because I love discipline and self control.”

If you are interested in the program you can contact Mervin Reyes at 660-5024. You can also visit the Shotokan Tiger Karate Club on the Belize Corozal Road.

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