The Orange Walk Public Service Committee held a very special activity today. In fulfilling their community service project the committee decided to host a tea party for the elders around town. The tea party was carried out this afternoon at the Sandy Hunter Library.

Soledad Alonzo member of the Public Service Committee told us the activity is part of a special list of activities they are holding this week.

alonzoSoledad Alonzo- Public Service Committee

“We are having a Tea Party for the elderly that is one of our community projects. The week started on Sunday and we had a mass where everybody attended the church of their choice. On Monday we had schedule a school visit but it was postponed due t the inclement weather. Today is the community outreach for the elderly. On Wednesday the public officers will be honoured by their co-workers or as we say their supervisors. On Thursday we will have an open day where the public can go to all the offices and there we will showcase all the services that we offer. Finally on Friday we will be having our social night at Banquitas, we will have a Bar-B-Q for the officers at midday and then a small gathering at night.”

On Thursday public servants should be individually recognized for their hard work and dedication by their employers and colleagues. Soledad Alonzo says that this years theme is all about the strive for excellence from each public servant.

Soledad Alonzo- Public Service Committee

“This year’s theme consists of “Striving for Excellence Promoting Good Governance, Contributing to Our Nations Wealth through Our Public Service”. We want the entire public to synthesize with us, to cooperate and to know that we are here to serve.”

The tea party culminated at five this afternoon and had the participation of over 20 elders.

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