Philps_-_women_of_the_yearCancer, it is a decease that fears no race, color or religion; simply it does not discriminate making men and women vulnerable to all types of the disease. In order to enhance public awareness on Cancer, today a group of female officials attached to the Corozal Police Department were educated on what has been dubbed as the silent killer.


The informative session, which forms part of the activities for Women’s Month, was headed by Doctor Melanie Grinch.

WPC Rosario Romero took part in the lecture today and told us how it will benefit her and her department.

Rosario Romero – WPC Corozal Police Department.

“Since it was in connection with the Women’s Month 2014, part of the activity was to get a free medical check-up for the police women, so at the beginning we got our free check-up when it comes to our cholesterol, blood pressure then we were given a short lecture on cervical cancer and the importance of getting a pop smear on time and breast cancer and symptoms and basically that.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Now, what are some of the things that probably you have learnt during the course of the year with this particular session?”

Rosario Romero – WPC Corozal Police Department.

“There are many things that I didn’t know and I am grateful for the opportunity in having these types of sessions for example when it comes to the cervical cancer, sometimes we grow up in a certain environment and exposed to the causes of these diseases.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“So how beneficiary would be this lecture that you all took?”

Rosario Romero – WPC Corozal Police Department.

“To me I can surely say since I am a community policing officer I can share this with teenagers and people who I come in close contact with whatever I have learnt I will continue sharing it.”


The most common cancer in women is breast cancer and in men prostate cancer. In Corozal several awareness programs have been set in place for the prevention of the deadly diseased which has claimed the life of many.

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