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  • Xate Blooming In The Forest Reserve

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 01:56
  • Price for Regular Gasoline and Kerosene Reduce

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:02
  • Well Known City Figure Charged For Courts Robbery In Corozal

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:07
  • Ambassadors Present Credentials To Governor General

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:14
  • Preliminary Figures For Re-Registration Released

    Tuesday, 10 July 2018 02:22

Today 29 year old Crispin Moreno was charged for murder at the Belize City Magistrates Court following the death of Doctor Enrique Guerra. CTV3 News understands that Morenos arraignment took place in Belize City due to his neck and back injuries sustained on May 27th when the prison vehicle he was traveling in from Orange Walk to the Kolbe Prison overturned.

Reports are that Moreno was taken to court via ambulance since he is paralyzed from the neck down. Despite his injuries Moreno was released from the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital a few days after the accident and taken to the Kolbe Correctional Facility. And that is what has his family infuriated. According to his sister Marcela Moreno, her brother is not receiving the proper treatment in prison.

moreno_sisterMarcela Moreno- Sister

“They are not attending to him right now in prison, they don’t give him pampers, they don’t give him anything. My mother has to be going through expenses and then he got bed sore so my mother is wondering if it is dog that they have there because he is a human being like everybody else. We know that he did nothing to the doctor so they just put that charge on him and the police and everybody know who did it so I don’t know what is there problem or what is there problem with us.”

Due to his injuries Moreno is not occupying a cell in prison; instead he has been placed in a special room. But according to his sister the room is far from special because it is infested with termites and rats. The family claims that despite the fact that they have requested assistance from the Orange Walk Police Department which they say is responsible for Morenos injuries none has been received.

Marcela Moreno- Sister

“We came to them the other day and told them that my brother needs a lot of things and we told them he should not be in prison because of his condition and they told us they can’t do anything about it. We are pleading to the government to try and do something about this because he said he would help the people and he is not. Innocent persons are in jail because of other person who are committing the murders and they are out there lose. My mother needs for someone to look into the matter because my bother cannot move his body he can’t move his hand foot or anything else and they just have him there on the bed and when my mom went to check the room it was infested with termites. They say they have a nurse taking care of him but we don’t even know if that is true. We dint know why they released him from the hospital because when they took him to prison he was still on oxygen.”

Morenos mother, Editha Moreno, claims she has visited several organizations including the Ombudsman looking for assistance. But today she told CTV3 News that her cries have gone unheard.

Editha Moreno- Mother

“I want they look after my child the right way until he gets better and then if you want to send him to jail for one man then you do. That is not all because I have received information that they will kill my son. I want them to take out my son give him a proper treatment because from they placed a handcuff on him he became a queen’s man so they are responsible for him. I want him to get a proper treatment because that place is not good, I want for the police to help me with the expenses because it is they who turned over with my son it was not me. I spoke with Mr Myvett when they were going because my son neck broke and his back too and they told me to go and ask who will pay for the bills. I went to the station and when I asked they told me to proceed and take him KHMH.”

As mentioned Moreno along with Richard Berry, Alejandro Nunez and two minors 15 and 16 years of age have been charged for the murder of Doctor Enrique Guerra who died on June 7th. On Saturday May 21st, Doctor Guerras battered body was found by Police on Main Street in an unconscious state with severe injuries to the head and body.

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