Screen_Shot_2014-03-13_at_8.13.01_PMRotaract week is observed from March tenth to the sixteenth in celebration of the chartering of the first club in North Carolina, USA, on 13 March 1968. It is held annually and is designed to foster Rotaract-Rotary activities in celebration of the founding of the Rotaract program. The Rotaract Club of Orange Walk is therefore also celebrating this occasion with one of their biggest activities yet. President Azalia Torres tells us what they have planned.

Azalia Torres – President

“Tonight we are having our joint meeting with our sponsoring club and also on Friday we are also doing a bit of packing up hampers for us to go Sunday to San Carlos.  On Sunday we are taking over particular the entire village where we will play games, show movies, have different activities with the kids and also we have a team of doctors going in and doing some general health for the different people there.”

The club has been active with the community for eight years and according to Vice President Clarissa Azaeta it has been a good run.


Clarissa Azaeta – Vice President

“Currently our membership is growing and I am really proud of it because we have 15 active members and we just inducted two in February and we have I believe five prospects. We have been very successful and I believe our club nationally has made impact in our community, like we try not to stick to small little events, small little community service or small little fundraisers within our community but we try to do major ones. And I mean we are very excited and when we go we go out and do these activities and when we come home we feel really amazed at how much we can impact one person or at least two when we do these things.”

Azalia Torres – President

“In our community we are proud Rotaracter and we welcome anyone who would like to be part of our club.”

Anyone between eighteen to thirty years can join the club.


Meetings are held every Friday at the club house located at the corner of Palmar and Boundary Roads.

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