belize-red-crossLast week we reported on a release issued by the Roman Catholic Bishop, Reverent Dorick Wright addressed to principals, local managers and administrators of catholic affiliations across the country. The release, though controversial, says ‘organizations whose activities and positions are actively opposed to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, and which endanger the souls of the People of God, cannot be welcomed under any circumstances in our schools”, end of quote.

These organizations that the Bishop referred to are the National Aids Commission, the Belize Family Life Association, Red Cross and UNIBAM because according to the release, these organizations are working together to ultimately undermine Catholic values and push an agenda of sodomy, abortion, and sexual gender redefinition, in order to radically change Belize’s Christian character.

The National Aids Commission issued their response to the letter last week and today the Red Cross of Belize issued a similar release citing the role of the Red Cross Movement. The release states and we quote, ‘The Red Cross is non-discriminative, neutral and impartial.  It is open to all.

Guided by its Fundamental Principles, the Belize Red Cross continues to serve the most vulnerable people of our country.  In all our programs, we strive to ensure that we promote an atmosphere of social inclusion. This simply means that we include all groups of society in our interventions.’ End quote.

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