Screen_Shot_2014-03-17_at_9.34.51_PMToday the Corozal Magistrate Court was converted to the Supreme Court as the platform was set for the fifth hearing on the case of the Felix Brothers. Viewers may recall that on April 10th 2006, Mitchum Heredia was ambushed and killed near a car outside his T Street home in Belize City. He had just arrived home when two men held him up and shot him multiple times to the head and body killing him on the spot.


A year later, brothers Maurice and Emory Felix, were jointly found guilty of Heredia’s murder by 12-member Jury. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. Upon appeal, on June 20th, 2008, a retrial was ordered. The retrial was granted after the judge of the Court of Appeal ruled that the men never got a fair trial when no identification parade was held in the case against them. Apparently, the trial judge, Justice Adolph Lucas, told the jury that holding an identification parade would have been a waste of time because the prosecution’s main witness had named the Felix brothers as the shooter that day.

On Sunday June 19th 2011, two days prior to the calling of the Felix case, Rommel Palacio Sr., was gunned down whilst inside his home in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. Reports were that the gunmen had gone in search of Rommel Palacio Jr., who was expected to show up at court to testify in the case of the Felix brothers. The Palacio family, including Rommel Jr., later moved out of Belize City in fear of their lives.

In the first trial, Maurice Felix was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the attempted murder of Rommel Palacio Jr., while both brothers were sentenced to life imprisonment for Heredia’s murder. With the hung jury, they will now have to face a third trial.

Today, bind by handcuffs both brothers entered the Corozal court room where Attorney Arthur Saldivar requested that the jury’s participation be adjourned for tomorrow at 2:00pm.

We will follow this story closely and report on developments in our subsequent newscast.

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