Belize_Police_Dept-BPDpolice_logoIf you drink don’t drive and if you drive don’t drink, that is a famous phrase often said. But no matter how many times it is said there are those who don’t adhere to the saying putting their life and the life of others in danger. That is exactly what happened on Saturday March 16th.


Reports are that at around 6:45pm, Corozal Police visited an area between miles 66 and 67 of the Phillip Goldson Highway where upon arrival they saw a Black Volvo Truck with Orange Walk licence plate, spread across the road. Initial investigation revealed that the vehicle was being driven by 23 year old Walter Flores, Belizean driver of San Estevan Village, Orange Walk District.


Apparently Flores was travelling in a north to south direction and upon reaching between miles 66 and 67 he lost control of the vehicle which overturned. Upon speaking to Flores police discovered that he was under the influence of alcohol.


He was then informed of the offence committed and placed under arrest. A urine sample was obtained for analysis. Flores was charged with driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention and driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit. Luckily, Flores sustained no serious injuries. His vehicle though, was damaged. Of note is that the accident was discovered as a result of the weekend operation Corozal police carried out.

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