drug_plane2In the early hours of Sunday morning, this small six-seater plane landed in Guinea Grass in the Orange Walk district. When Police and BDF personnel arrived on the scene several hours after, nobody was found in the plane or in the area and it was completely empty of any cargo. About two miles away, the BDF found six containers of aviation fuel.

Yesterday the plane was loaded onto the bed of a truck and transported to BDF headquarters in Ladyville, but its mission in Belize remains a mystery today. This morning we spoke to the OC of Orange Walk Senior Superintendent Joseph Myvett, who told us that while they are investigating the case, there are still no major leads.

This morning traffic at the Burrell Boom cutoff was brought to a virtual standstill as members of the Police Anti-Drug Unit took passengers off buses to be searched and stopped motorists to search under the hood and in the trunks of their vehicles. It appeared to be a more intense operation than normal, but when we asked Myvett if there was any connection between the search and any illicit cargo that may have come off the plane, he said no, and maintained that it sounded like just a normal, routine operation being carried out by the ADU.

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