Screen_Shot_2014-03-19_at_7.45.51_PMToday approximately 11 primary Schools in the Corozal District became the proud recipients of much needed equipment donated to them by a group of Rotarians who call themselves the “Resource Centre International Mission.” Today Reporter Victor Castillo caught up with group in the Village of San Antonio as the equipment’s were installed for use.

Amber Fisher - Director Rotary Club Ohio

“This is the 7th mission to Belize, this is a project called Resource Centre International but this is my first time on a project in Belize, I brought my daughter along, and we really wanted to go and help and to see what we could do to help the schools throughout the country and we are very fortunate to have Carmen with us who knows about the different school districts so our hope is to get resources to schools that they can use to improve their education or facility education in particular we are hoping that the students are able to use the resources to learn to read and I can emphasis the importance enough the importance of reading, it starts at school and it is important to have it reinforced in homes so we brought a lot of books, computers, educational software and we are hoping that these resources assist you and assist the schools in Belize to achieve their goals.”

Brainchild of this project for the past seven trips has been Mel Hunick who has taken his time to gather all the necessary resources needed by the different educational institutions.

Amber Fisher - Director Rotary Club Ohio

“The items that are donated are collected by the master mind of this project and he gets them from many different sources who seeks donations in the United States and so we have libraries donating, different businesses donating computers and software and so he has to be very resourceful to pull it out together and then he ships, make a large shipment here of computers, tables, games, toys, books and software and we distributed to the schools and help them set it up.”

Victor Castillo – Reporting

“What are your sentiments towards this, how do you feel of being part of this initiative?”

Amber Fisher - Director Rotary Club Ohio

“This is so inspiring to me, and the people of Belize and everybody we’ve met has been so wonderful, this is a wonderful experience for my daughter also whose come along on the trip and I think it is very encouraging to see the dedication of the teachers and the administrators, really the school systems clearly have a lot of talent, I just met a teacher who has been teaching pre-school for twenty years and so we are very impressed by everybody and we think that you have accomplished many important things here and so whatever we can help it feels very good and it is an inspiration to me.”

According to Karen Hu chin, Principal of San Antonio Government School, the donation came in an opportune time as a computer lab was greatly needed at the school.

Karen Hu Chin – Principal.

Rotarians has been very generous with our school, has been supporting us all along the way and today is a wonderful day for us because they have come to our school and they have donated five computers, one television and different other resources like books and game for the pre-schooler to use.  At this era I think technology is very important for the students and this is going to o benefit greater the students of our school because now we will be able to provide them with the same opportunity that the high schools are providing their students which we didn’t had at the beginning and just last month also we receive also a donation of five laptops also from the Rotarians from the Corozal District so with this additional five computer we will be able to set up a computer room for them to use.”


Victor Castillo – Reporter


“Technology or IT is part of their curriculum or will it be implemented for this new school year?”

Karen Hu Chin – Principal.

“It will be implemented, we use our technology in our classroom but it has been the personal resource of the teachers brings along but now having a computer lab this is going to greater benefits the students because they will now have a computer lab for them to receive computer classes.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“For the past four year that you have been here, what are some of the needs that you have seen that the school probably need and how the community can be of assistance, the government, and different stakeholder can some way find a way to assist the school but what would be that the school is in dire need of?”

Karen Hu Chin – Principal.

“One of the greatest need that we have is resources and space; we have three wooden building classrooms that we try to accommodate as best as we can for a pre-school and the three levels that we have and now the much needed computer room that we are getting but we have use our classrooms and divided our classrooms to accommodate for those additional resource but space is and so one of our greatest need is space.”

Eleanor Carrillo – Volunteer

“I visited the schools and found out their needs and this is a very small school, San Antonio is a very small school they had no computer and now we are setting up five computer for them and a mini library, toys for the children and furniture as well.”

Other schools that received assistance toady were Paraiso RC School, Church of Christ and Caledonia RC School. Overall eleven schools will benefit from the assistance of the Resource Centre International Mission.

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