Screen_Shot_2014-03-20_at_8.08.19_PMOver the course of the years education has shifted and schools are incorporating a lot more hands on activities and more practical sessions in their lessons. The strategy has received much favourable feedback and the students have been enjoying the changes. One such school that has put the initiative into practice is Solomon’s Seventh Day Adventist Primary school which today held its first ever Culture Day. Reporter Dalila Ical takes a look at what was on display.


Dalila Ical – Reporting


Preparing for the big day has been an exciting one for children says school principal Cheryl Distan. Teachers she adds went full force for their first ever Culture Day


Cheryl Distan  - School Principal

“There was a lot of excitement maybe because it was the first one but I know that the children and the teachers they came on board full force for this event.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“What has it been like for this morning?”


Cheryl Distan  - School Principal


“I am having fun and I can see that the children are having too in spite of the sun.”


And the children were all dressed from head to toe representing the melting pot of cultures in Belize from the popular Creole and Mestizo to the cultural minorities such as the Japanese. It is a fun event, but Distan says it is more than just playing dress up and dancing.


Cheryl Distan  - School Principal

“For us its social studies come alive embracing all the different cultures that make up our beautiful country Belize and it is integrated into our curriculum with full force.”


Parents have played a vital role in children’s education and Distant encourages them to keep actively supporting their children.


Cheryl Distan  - School Principal

“I just want to say to the parents to truly work with your children because education is not only for the teachers but for the parents too all stakeholders.”


The Solomon’s SDA primary school plans on holding the event on an annual basis.

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