A sixty four year old man is beaten and robbed and according to him was also mistreated at the Orange Walk Police Station. According to sixty four year old Ramiro August, after socializing with some men last night he was heading home after midnight and was attacked. August alleges that his attackers were the same men he had been socializing with. He told us he was attacked around the vicinity of New Diamond Restaurant located along the Belize Corozal Road.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-21_at_7.55.37_PMRamiro August

“We had an altercation and grievance due to personal issues and then the main issue was financial issue to rob my money because I win some couple of pieces of boledo last night and I got money from other sources, nice money and they like to see and like three hundred and odd dollars had spent because I was socializing and inviting them with some drinks and things like that that cause the whole altercation.”

August says his bicycle was stolen along with all his money. He sustained a cut wound to his head. August says he reported the incident to the police but adds that he was also mistreated there.

Ramiro August

“They wanted to lock me down forcibly and I have a bad leg and afterward they were couple of them who kicked me with their police boots because they say I went through the wrong way and because I didn’t respect the station and didn’t respect him.”

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