busThe current climate in Belize has been fraught with crises from one to the next. This administration has been kept busy trying to skirt issues, muddy the waters and dodge the bullets from decisions it has made. The bus crisis, for example, is still largely unresolved with some stakeholders observing an uneasy truce while others use all options at their disposal to plan a way forward. Earlier this week we showed you another situation right here in Orange Walk Town which well call, for lack of a better term, a min-crisis, and we can pinpoint the reason for that mini-crisis very easily INCOMPETENCE AND THE LACK OF PROPER PLANNING. Our cameraman visited the site of the new Orange Walk bus terminal this morning and provided us with the following updated footage.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

Over the weekend the bus landscape in Orange Walk changed dramatically, as operators were told that they would be relocated to a new terminal located on a newly fenced off section of the Ministry of Works compound. What you see here is what’s become of that brilliant plan…

When we visited the site on Monday after a weekend of heavy rains, the terminal was unused, since the yard was a mess. Buses were forced to park and discharge customers outside the compound, and residents waiting to board the buses had to stand outside.

Today wasn’t much different, minus the heavy rain. Buses were still parking outside. Commuters still had to wait outside to board and passengers were still being discharged on the street. As we understand it, the Ministry of Works is still trying to figure out a way to ensure that the compound won’t be reduced to a muddy, impassable mess every time it rains.

And there’s more…CTV-3 has been reliably informed that after the terminal was already constructed, personnel from the Ministry of Works realized a couple things – one, that the terminal was too small to deal with the number of buses which would be on hand at any one time and (2) it was supposed to have been built with two gates – an entrance and an exit, not the one gate you see here.

So when will this situation be resolved? Well, that’s anybody’s guess. But from brainstorm to implementation, this so far unused bus terminal in Orange Walk has highlighted the incompetence of this administration, which simply can’t seem to get anything right.

CTV-3 has been informed that the Ministry of Works is looking at ways to expand the compound and to install another gate. Also included in the new plans, we understand, will be the placement of two gates through which commuters will be able to enter the compound. Well keep you updated.

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