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An American retiree, who resided in the Village of Sarteneja, became another statistic in the police log book of crimes as he was shot to death. On Friday evening the badly decomposed body of 77 year old Dennis Frank Waltz was discovered by villagers inside a warehouse where he spent most of his time. Waltz had been shot several times, three to be exact and tonight, while police have two persons of interest in custody and are seeking another, they are nowhere close to solving Corozal’s second murder case.  Today reporter Victor Castillo and video journalist Jesus Melgar traveled further up North to the village of Sarteneja and filed the following.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-31_at_8.06.49_PMVictor Castillo– Reporting

This is the warehouse in which the badly decomposed body of 77 year old American retiree, Dennis Frank Waltz, was discovered by residents of Sarteneja Village in the Corozal District. Today when we visited the scene of the incident we were informed that residents became concerned after noticing Waltz’s absence.

Concerned Villager– Sarteneja

“Estaba descansando atrás de mi yarda que da vista en la calle y entonces yo bidé que paso el vehículo de Mr. Waltz que es mi vecino y el chairman arriba del vehículo con la motocicleta y bidé que lo llevaron en la casa de Mr. Walts.”


According to villagers, their concern grew even more when Waltz motor bike was found near the village’s dumpsite. A search team was dispatched to the area but Waltz was nowhere to be found. Hoping for the best, yet expecting the worst, a group of villagers decided to visit the warehouse where Waltz would spend majority of the time. At first there was no indication that Waltz would be found in the area. But as the group moved closer to the warehouse, the strong stench coming from inside told them otherwise.

Concerned Villager– Sarteneja

“Cuando yo llegue ahí, dos muchachas llegaron ahí también y entonces empecé a ver todo el área atrás y en frente y entonces estábamos buscando huellas de sangre que indique que algo paso pero realmente no encontramos nada de esas cosas y ya después nos enfocamos en la bodega y la cortina no estaba bajado todo y estuvimos viendo por la ventana a ver si vemos algo adentro y luego yo bidé en la ventana y olí un olor de algo que ya estado echado a perder algo así  y yo hable a las muchachas y les dije que aquí hay mal olor  y oí los zumbidos de las moscas también.  Cuando llegamos en la puerta estaba cerrado de adentro y al ver lo que estaba allí pues solo hay que abrir la puerta pero se veía su camisa, su cachucha y otras cosas de él y pues de ultimo abrimos la puerta y así en la derecha estaba la pringa de sangre en la pared y entonces yo camine adentro buscándolo a él y hay estaba en medio de dos máquinas caído sentado.”

Waltz had received three gunshot wounds. But that is all that the investigations have revealed as Corozal Police collect all evidence in hope of solving the district’s second murder. And while two persons of interest are in custody, police have been unable to ascertain the motive behind Waltz murder.

Daniel Arzu– Deputy O.C Corozal Town

“Yes we have two persons of interest that is the domestic worker of the deceased and her husband so we believe that they could have assisted us with some information and so far we are investigating at this point in time.”

Police are still conducting their investigation and as that continues; the murder weapon is yet to be identified. According to villagers Waltz had no known enemies. He always kept out of trouble and was friendly with everyone.


CTV3 News understands that police are seeking one more person of interest. That individual, only know as Dean, an American National, resided adjacent to the warehouse where Waltz’s body was found. Reports are that Dean’s boat was found near the shores of Consejo. He has not been seen or heard from since Waltz murder. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Dean is asked to contact the nearest police station.

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