The gruesome discovery of a dead male person inside the female bathroom at the Guinea Grass R.C School created havoc among students this morning. Unfortunately it was one of the students who found the badly decomposed body of 30 year old Asael Gomez, a resident of Guinea Grass Village. When police retrieved Gomez’s body from the latrine, it was found to be nude from the waist down. What led to Gomez’s death is anybody’s guess, but what we can tell you is that the discovery has left students and the entire community of Guinea Grass in shock. Our news team followed the story and filed the following report.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-31_at_8.06.42_PMMaria Novelo– Reporting

Classes were disrupted for students enrolled at the Guinea Grass RC School shortly after 8:00 this morning when a female student discovered the motionless body of a male person in the school’s bathroom facility.

Consuelo Eguizabal– School Teacher

“She came over to ask me to go over to the bathroom and then  I said yes you can go and then I continued with my lesson and about two minutes later she came back and then she said Miss there is a man in the bathroom and then I asked her is that real and then she said yes there is a man and I can see his foot and he has a shoe on and he is lying on the ground but sometimes children make up stories so I was a little hesitant but there was something on her expression that made me walk out of the classroom and then I saw the vice-principal walking and then I went and I informed him of what the child had informed me and so he said that he was going to go and see and then he was right back.”

Saturday morning was the last time Juanita Jimenez would see her nephew, 30 year old Asael Gomez, alive. He was his jovial self but had been consuming alcohol. A grief stricken Jimenez told us about her last encounter with Gomez.


Juanita Jimenez– Aunt of Deceased

“Mi sobrino se había perdido, yo lo había visto el Sábado verdad, pero luego mi hermanita llego a mi casa y me dijo fíjate hermana mi hijo está perdido y yo le dije pero como así yo lo bidé el Sábado pero no yo ya lo anduve buscando de casa en casa en todo Guinea Grass y yo le dije vamos a poner un reporte a la Policía entonces y yo la llame en la estación de policía pero ella me dijo que no hay nadie, ningún policía hay acá entonces yo la mande a Orange Walk y ella fue a la corte y al hospital y no hay nadie y no tardo cuando me vinieron avisar que hay un muerto en la escuela.”

The sequence of events that lead to Gomez’s demise is still uncertain.

Juanita Jimenez– Aunt of Deceased

“No tiene enemigo porque a él todos lo conocen porque él es un albañil y todos los de Guinea Grass lo conocen, todos lo conocen a el aca.”

Gomez’s knapsack, cell phone and machete were also found inside the bathroom and have been collected as evidence. It is not yet known how long Gomez had been dead prior to the discovery of his body but classes had to be suspended for the authorities to carry out their investigation.

Consuelo Eguizabal– School Teacher

“They were very shocked because this is the very first time that this has happened but I don’t know if classes will be suspended for the rest of the day we need to know from our manager who will be coming here but I can’t really can’t say until she gets here.”

And while the crowd of bystanders grew bigger by the minute, it was being noted by many that the authorities were ill equipped and under staffed. There were no apparent signs of violence to the body except for a gash on the head. It is believed that Gomez was intoxicated and wanted to use the latrine and he somehow managed to locate the bathroom situated at the school grounds. It is alleged that he may have tripped, hit his head and died as a consequence. Meanwhile, police investigations continue.

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