Screen_Shot_2014-03-31_at_8.07.14_PMApproximately $1 million worth in assets was burn down to ashes early Sunday morning in Corozal. The Corozal Fire Department responded to the call sometime around 5:00am at Johnny’s Construction located on Mile 85 and half on the Philip Goldson Highway. When they arrived at the scene the building was already consumed by fire. Chief Fire Fighter for the Corozal Fire Department, Carlos Arnold says, they suspect the fire started from the office.

Carlos Arnold – Chief Fire Fighter

“Sunday Morning about five o’clock we receive a call of a warehouse on fire at mile 85.5 at the Phillip Goldson Highway.  We responded right after we receive the call and upon arrival at the scene we found the warehouse engulfed with flames and this warehouse of concrete walls and sink roof.  Upon our arrival at the scene we found the front door half opened so we never needed to make any force entry and then we start fighting the fire, we don’t know how the door was opened but initial investigations was carried out by the fire department and we found a CPU behind the door and four vehicle batteries were also found.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Has the department identified or established a motive as to how the fire started?”

Carlos Arnold – Chief Fire Fighter

“Upon our arrival almost three quarter of the building was on fire so our investigations revealed that the fire started in the store room and the office area.”

CTV3 News was made to understand that inside the warehouse were four working vehicles, a boat and other machinery worth thousands of dollars. All in all thirty years of investment was swallowed by the inferno. While the Fire Department is conducting their investigation, so is the Corozal Police Department.

Daniel Arzu - Deputy OC

“What happen is that yes the police have their observation regarding the building itself and certain things were recovered from within proximity of the premises but whether a burglary existed that is there to be ascertain.”


We will keep following the story and bring you the updates as they unfold.

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