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    Tuesday, 29 January 2019 20:33
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  • Belize Exports Soybean Oil To Jamaica

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The People’s United Party machinery is in full swing as they continue to elect standard bearers for constituencies across the nation. Over the weekend, party supporters filed in at Corozal Town for the election of Standard Bearer for Corozal Bay. Here is a look at how the voting came along throughout the day.

Screen_Shot_2014-03-31_at_8.07.08_PMDalila Ical – Reporting

Polls opened at eight in the morning at the Saint Francis Xavier Primary School grounds and PUP supporters began filing in slowly.

It was a race between Gregorio “papas” Garcia and David “dido” Vega for PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal Bay.

Supporters in both camps rallied hard behind their candidate and the day was extremely busy for carriers and campaigners.

As people kept filing in, both camps remained positive about the results.


“Yo lo estoy apoyando porque es un buen candidato para Corozal Bay y con el podemos lograr el bien estar de acá de Corozal Bay porque el ahorita no está en Corozal Bay ni en gobierno y está haciendo cosas buenas entonces querremos ese tipo de persona para llevar adelante a Corozal Bay.”


“To me he is the best candidate and he is there to work for the people and we want everybody to come out and give him your support and enough love from God and everybody I see is supporting Vega for the Bay.”

Despite the scorching heat, the work continued relentlessly in both camps. It was a peaceful convention held with much respect between supporters.

It was a busy day for both candidates. Gregorio “Papas” Garcia spoke with us and he was feeling very optimistic.


Gregorio “Papas” Garcia – Corozal Bay Candidate

“It is very positive and people are coming out, it really looks good for us so we just have to keep on working and that is the basic thing here.”

Dalila Ical  - Reporter

“How has the support of your people been at this camp?”

Gregorio “Papas” Garcia – Corozal Bay Candidate

“It has been goo and I am so proud of the crowd that many followers of the People’s United Party are coming out to vote and I think we are ahead at this time so definitely looks good for the party in general.”

Towards the end of the voting, both men remained attentive to voters as they began pouring in. High ranking members of the Party were at the event, most in support of Gregorio Garcia.

Polls closed at five in the evening and soon after the results were in. After tallies were concluded the new elected Standard Bearer for Corozal Bay is Gregorio “Papas” Garcia, who won over Vega by twelve votes.

Garcia received 964 votes while Vega garnered 952. The total votes cast were 1, 939. Of these twenty three votes were rejected.

It was a moment for celebration for Gregorio “Papas” Garcia after the results were in and many feel and have expressed their trust in his leadership.


“Esperemos que en las elecciones generales siga adelante con ese mismo propósito y con esa misma gente.”


Garcia will once again face Pablo Marin for the next General Elections. That is if Marin decides to seek re-election.

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