Screen_Shot_2014-03-31_at_8.06.29_PMMeat is an important part of our diet and it has also become one of the more expensive parts of our diet. But one company is proving competitive prices to its public. Beyond that, on Saturday, Quality Poultry Products of Belize held a special event in which it offered its products at discounted prices and also offered several free gifts to its customers. The event was held at three George Street in Orange Walk town. Andre Salgado, Branch Manager told us more about the initiative.

Andre Salgado – Branch Manager Orange Walk

“We are having discounts on whole chicken and sixty five cents discount on the chicken as well we are giving away free food and free drinks all the daylong as well we have raffle every hour but today is just a day to give back to the community. We are one of the largest poultry supplier in the country, we provide clean, healthy, hormone and preservative free chicken which for those who are a bit health conscious it is a big plus for them because the way we process the chicken and the way the chicken is at the factory it is of top quality as well we do supply turkey and we do have turkey all year around we are one of the only poultry company that has turkey all year around which includes turkey parts and whole turkeys.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter


“What about the prices are they competitive?”

Andre Salgado – Branch Manager Orange Walk

“Our prices are very competitive in Orange Walk and Corozal.”

The branch has been open in Orange Walk since August of last year but according to Salgado, it was an opportunity to share their success with the people of both Orange Walk and those of Corozal where the company also has a branch.

Andre Salgado – Branch Manager Orange Walk

“I just want to thank the Orange Walk and the Corozal community for their support of quality poultry products and I do want to encourage everyone if you haven’t been to quality poultry products to come on down to # George Street, Orange Walk town and give us a visit, give us a try come and taste our chicken, come taste our products, we have wide varieties and we have processed meats as well, and so come on give us a try, give us an opportunity because this dah fu wi chicken.”

The event saw the patronage of many customers who stopped in to stock up on meats, eggs and other products at Quality Poultry Chicken.

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