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  • Corozal Police Chase Suspicious Vehicle....Find 2.5 Kilos Of Marijuana

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Screen_Shot_2014-04-01_at_6.40.17_PMIn 1988 the Perez family, who resides in Corozal Town, launched their business, Nacho’s Bus Service.  Since then the family have been mobilizing passengers, including students, within town limits. In 2011 the company’s road permit expired and owner of company, Ignacio Perez decided to reapply for his runs at the Corozal National Transport Department. That is two years ago and to date Perez is yet to receive a response from the department. Today, with nowhere else to turn to, Ignacio Perez visited our news center in Corozal and related his story to reporter Victor Castillo.

Victor Castillo – Reporting

Ignacio “Nacho” Perez – Proprietor Bus Company

“I applied for two years, I send my renewals, I went to Belmopan, Mr Jefferies due an application for me he signed and I signed it and up to now no answer, the only answer that we got is that they have called any meeting, whenever the meeting we will get answer, answer, and we haven’t received any answer. Apart from that I am running a vehicle with a private plate; I have the registration and I have the license plate and the number is 1847 and I still cannot change the plate why because we do not get any answer from Belmopan and what I am looking for is for them to give me the authority or for them to send a letter or the road service permit for me to license but without Belmopan sending the letter I cannot license because Mrs. Riverol says that she has to get a letter from Belmopan to license.”

According to Perez, along with his application, he also submitted a number of recommendations from schools complimenting his services. But despite those recommendations and one from the Minister of State in the Ministry of Works and Transport Hon. Edmond Castro, his application is stuck in Belmopan.

Ignacio Perez – Proprietor.

“I have gotten recommendations from all over the schools and from the colleges and plus I got a recommendations from the Minister of Transport and I still cannot get no reply for my rod service permit, and I have sent my application, my recommendation to Belmopan and with all of that no answer, me and my family, my son, my wife and my daughter in law, we are running Methodist, Guadalupe school, Xavier School St. Paul’s School, Nazarene School and Church of Christ.”

The company is currently still making its runs, but Perez does not know for how long because after he is breaking the rule.

Ignacio Perez – Proprietor.

“If the police man catches me they can suspend my road service permit, they could take it away, they could carry me to court and they could charge me up to $5000.00 and why because the office they say that they are trying to do the things correct but they left us here in Corozal Town badly and really badly because we are not recognized at the office and so can you please answer me my road service permit.”

Today when we contacted the National Transport Department in Corozal we were informed that Perez’s application has been stent to Belmopan. As for the delay, that is a question we tried to get an answer to from authorities in Belmopan but to no avail.

We will keep monitoring this story close and we will try to get comments from authorities in Belmopan on our subsequent news cast.

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