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    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:44
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    Friday, 07 September 2018 02:46
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    Friday, 07 September 2018 03:09

pseLast night the top 25 students for the 2011 Primary School Examination from across the country were recognized for their excellent performance in Belize City. Representing the Orange Walk District were three students from the Louisiana Government School - Adrian Armstrong who ranked 6th, Gisellie Hernandez who ranked 16th and Giselle Rodriguez who ranked 24th. Today those three students along with other top P.S.E performers for the Northern District were awarded by the Ministry of Education. The event took place at the Multi Purpose Complex and our news team captured every second of the proud moment for both students and parents.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

This morning the Multi Purpose Complex Building lit up with smiles and thunderous applause as the top 10 P.S.E. performers for the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts were awarded by the Ministry of Education.

For all 20 students it was a memorable and proud moment as each received their award. The three top performers for the Orange Walk District - Adrian Armstrong, Gisellie Hernandez and Giselle Rodriguez all of the Louisiana Government School were the first to be called on stage. They were followed by the rest of the top students.

Then it was time for the top scorers for the Corozal District to shine. Samuel Chang of Corozal Methodist School and Geovahn Magana and Gia Smart, both of Calcutta SDA School, were the first to be awarded.

Carol Babb- Deputy Chief Education Officer

“We wanted all the children to feel special and some of them did not meet the top twenty five but they met the top ten in their district, so we are here to celebrate with them to encourage them to stay in school and do their very best. I was essentially saying to them success takes hard work, it takes sacrifice and we also want to congratulate the teachers, the parents and the students because it took the effort of all three of them to be here today, so I want to encourage the children to stay in school and to work hard and to remember that education is a lifelong process.”

But just to prove that hard work does pay off, the top three performers for both districts also received a plague made especially for them. After a number of performances it was time for the two top students of the Northern Districts to address their peers. Their addresses were impressive and inspirational.

pse_1stAdrian Armstrong- Top P.S.E. Performer for O/W

“When I first heard teachers and administrator talking about the PSE, I was eager to know what it was all about, taking PSE was and anxious experience in my life. I remember clearly those two days when I sat calmly and confidently in that examination room, whispering to myself repeatedly, believe in yourself and you will succeed. Today marks a most memorable and unforgettable occasion for all of us. Yes, it was difficult but not impossible. It took consistent, dedication and serious commitment on our part as we studied arduously during our eight years for our primary school education. It also took the life time support of our parents, of our teachers and our school administrator as we pass from one level to the next. Fellow graduate, the PSE is over and as we prepare to enter to high school let us remind ourselves that this is only the beginning of a fewer struggles. We have challenge ourselves to continue to excel, let us continue to promote the good name that we have earned today, let us continue to make our ministry of education, our school, our parent and guardians, our teachers, our friends and ourselves proud. My advice to the new standard six students is to never give up, seek for God blessings every day, be attentive during classes, do assignments, study your notes and research, seek for help, review your work each day and attend classes regularly to name a few. Many at times you will feel that you are missing out on lots of fun enjoyed by other children that are free to play, do not be distracted by this, in the end it will all be worthwhile.”

Samuel Chang- Top P.S.E Performer CZl

“It is great honour to achieve first place in the Corozal District which will be a memorable event in my life. My teachers have assisted me and my fellow students to prepare for the examination and I once again want to extend my gratitude to them. I believe that goals can be achieved through a strong faith and by always trying the best in all that we do. I must congratulate the other students who did better than me, your skill is impressive. The most important lesson behind this is that although you are not successful you tired to the best of your ability. Remember aim your goals high for with God everything is possible.”

And with those inspiring words lingering in their minds the students left the complex, ready to take on the challenges of secondary school.

CTV3 congratulates all students who sat the PSEs and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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