The Orange Walk Town Council in collaboration with the Belize Municipal Development Project is embarking on a civic pride campaign in the town. The first part of the campaign is an educational one where the public will be encouraged to be more conscious of where and how they dispose of their garbage. Counselor Ian Cal who is in charge of the Civic Pride portfolio told us more about the initiative.

Screen_Shot_2014-04-03_at_8.13.48_PMIan Cal - Deputy Mayor Orange Walk Town

“The amount of garbage that we see that it is disposed on the streets and in public areas so as a council we feel that it is necessary for us to launch a campaign, a civic pride campaign, we did not wanted to do it alone as a council initiative and so we decided to invite different groups. On Tuesday we had a meeting and we invited BTIA, JICA a representative from Japan, we had Ministry of Education and those were some of the members that were present at that meeting and together we will be moving forward on a plan of action to start the civic pride campaign mainly to educate the public on what to do and what not to do when it comes to disposing of your garbage.”

Cal says they have started on getting posters and have an ad prepared for their launch scheduled for the 22nd of April. The second part of the project takes a more serious tone as the council will be enforcing laws governing garbage disposal more strictly within the community.

Ian Cal - Deputy Mayor Orange Walk Town

“There are laws when it comes on disposing of your garbage for example if someone catches you disposing of the garbage on the street, at the park except in a dirt bin you can be fined from $500 up to a $1000.00 an a ticket can be given and the law is there but we are not enforcing it, it has never been enforced, so we want to have a period of education on sensitizing the public of what is to come and after that education process we will be implementing it and being strict on that. How we will do that is by enforcing the law, by empowering our wardens, by empowering certain people in the community and that is where we partner with BTIA and other organizations to help us with this keeping Orange Walk clean.”

The council continues to invite anyone who wants to be involved. They continue to extend a special invitation to the business community to take part in the initiative. The public is invited to be part of the launching that will take place at the Central Park on April 22nd. Those involved will also be on airwaves at the different radio stations in the community promoting the campaign on the morning of the launch.

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