Screen_Shot_2014-04-03_at_8.14.13_PMToday, the BSI field was the venue for the Chapel School’s family day. Children along with their parents and class teachers enjoyed a nice outing where they flew kites in a competition hosted by the school. Our news team’s attention was captured by the many colorful kites that adorned the blue sky. It was a great turnout said Principal Julian Chi. Agreeing with him was one of the many students who took part in the event.

JULIAN CHI – Principal, Chapels School

“We have the infant, the middle division and the upper division, and the purpose of it is that this is fun day and we will have local made of homemade kites which we are inculcating in our students to use our resources and get their parents involve because this is a family day.  They can get a family member, a friend and neighbor or anybody and as a matter of fact we recommend that the teacher would take an art class and do some kites.  We are giving away some prizes and some very good prizes like speakers for laptops and computers, we have food at the restaurant and we have different things and other articles that were donated and this is chapels’ School family day and this is part of what we do and we have ten prices; in the infants we will have three prizes which includes the most beautiful, the largest and the one that flies the highest, in the middle division likewise and in the upper division and finally for those ready made one we have a prize also and the one who flies the highest on that ready-made one.”

RUPERT GRAY – kite flyer

“I like my kite and it was a fun day today flying my kite.  My dad flew it first then me adnd now my teacher is flying it and I am having fun with my family here.”

Approximately 50 kites were made and flown in today’s event.

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