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Screen_Shot_2014-04-04_at_7.54.43_PMThe Orange walk Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ITVET, hosted its annual Expo at the school grounds today. The event marked an opportunity for trainees to showcase some of the work done since the beginning of the new school year. The invitation was extended to our studios and Reporter Maria Novelo and video journalist Fernando Sanchez was on hand to capture their vocational accomplishments. Here is that story.

Maria Novelo – Reporting

With a student population of 160 full and part time trainees, the Orange Walk Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ITVET, has evolved into an integral center for learning that assists trainees with obtaining employment, job retention, increased wages and career development. And today, these trainees went all out to showcase their skills and talents. From Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Electrical to welding, they all had one thing in common, unique aspirations and abilities.

Osmer Sosa – Level 1 Student, Electrical

“Right here in this institution we don’t learnt only how to wire up but we learn as to why and when we will sue the tools and why we will not sue this procedure as we have different procedures of doing it so right here they teach us why, where and when we use this and we are properly equipped with tools to show us and demonstrations we have as you can see we have a house to show you how to wire up some florescent light in a house and many things they have taught us here as level and for me I have reached a level that I would have expected.”

Austin Rodriguez – Level 2 Student, Carpentry

“I am electrical, plumbing and carpentry, triple trade.  It is not my real major I do in carpentry but most of my time I do this and that is one of my cable that we are doing right now and I am looking forward to accomplishing something in life and to further my trade that I am doing and to have a successful life.”

Maury Blanco – Student, Welding

“I fabricate this from pure stainless steel just to display it but it took me like three days just of have it like this right now. I chose welding because it is what my father’s company is based on but I know how to weld but I came here to have my instructional papers and in order to represent my company that I can do a quality job and that is why I came here and try to perfect my work.”

Student, AC Refrigeration

“It’s a good field and interesting and it broadens my knowledge so that I do other jobs for other people so when I get out of here I would have all the tools necessary to do the job.”

Coordinator for the Expo, Cindy Garcia, says while there is a saturation of academic students out of jobs, these trainees are equipped with technical vocational skills training, geared towards training a workforce capable of producing goods and services which are competitive in the global economy.

Cindy Garcia – Coordinator, Expo Fair

“We have projects in the carpentry, in the electrical, in the plumbing, in the welding, in the auto mechanics, A/C , computer service and repairs and the pre-vocational program so all of these programs and the trainees are in there explaining the different projects for example in electrical they have like a little house where they will show you the light and how to install them and how it works and so forth.”

And while vocational trades are known to be mostly dominated by men, it was evident that the institute provides a gateway for women as well. These female trainees told us they are preparing to become key drivers of economic growth in emerging markets.

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“There’s not much women in this field especially the one that you are studying, why did you chose it?”

Xaizef  Medina –Level2 student, Carpentry

“Well, because I love doing what i do right, I love carpentry and I love the hard stuff I don’t want to be an example but a role model for other young women like me right, because they said oh ITVET is just for man but it is not so I am here and I am doing good and I am learning so much and I have good instructor and good friends and I am going through to show everybody else especially women that we could do the job.”

Emily Cheris – Welding

“I really want to like go further and higher my education but only on welding.  We only have like two females in welding and I would like to encourage other females to perhaps take it as a trade, it is something good, something interesting and it is something that we would really need in our future.”

JAMARI MORALEZ – Students, Auto Mechanic

“Yes I have a passion to design cars and to do the work that the man does right and to demonstrate to them that the females can do their jobs too.”

Maria Novelo - Reporter

“There is also a misconception in society where a vocational would be their last resort; do you feel that way too?”


CINDY Garcia - coordinator

“Of course not and that is one of the things that we stressed when we have opportunities like these that Orange Walk ITVET is an option is not the last resort, you know we have a lot of academics students that are graduating from high school with academics and they are not finding the jobs and so we want to stress that our country we can further develop by coming to the ITEVT and studying a trade and become a technician and help the country grow.”

It was evident that these trainees are being molded into good quality work force employees and entrepreneurs which remains the institute’s main commitment. Since its inception in 2006 Orange Walk ITVET has been providing trainees with a wide range of professional and technical skills required to meet the technological demands of the 21st century. The institution is constantly implementing new ideas in order to suit the needs of youth and the community at large. September of this year programs to be added to the new training cycle will be Level 3 training.

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