Screen_Shot_2014-04-08_at_7.42.48_PMThe story of Guadalupe Park located in the Orange Walk East constituency first made headlines in the month of February when it was revealed that the public space had been privatized and ended up the hands of Adin Aragon, the son of Elodio Aragon Senior. After much public outcry, the Aragon’s transferred the property back to the Government of Belize. Right after, the Commissioners of Lands, Wilbert Vallejos, announced that the Ministry of Natural Resources would be taking in applications for the property. In order for the park to remain as a public space, as was first intended, the Orange Walk Town Council jumped at the opportunity and applied for the parcel of land at the Orange Walk Lands Department. Their application though, was not accepted. Instead, the council was informed that they must submit their application in Belmopan.

And that they did, but to date have received no response. Standing firm in their decision to return the park in the hands of the public, the Orange Walk Town Council, in collaboration with the community has been refurbishing the park and today the work continued as a basketball rim was set up.

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“This Council is serious about getting back Guadalupe Park and the first step is to install a basketball rim and it would be a one side basketball rim because we have already an East Sport Centre o the opposite side and the reason why we are putting a basketball rim out here is because at times the East Sport Centre is being used and we would want the park to be opened for other and so we have a basketball rim here and the intention is also to  put down some benches, some swings and slides and also we want to make it open to volleyball and of course I would want to thank Mr. Landy Burns for sponsoring the basketball rim for us and it is all about getting back Guadalupe Park in the hands of the people and this is one way of doing it.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporter

“When can the people of Orange Walk expect further upgrade in the area?”

Kevin Bernard- Mayor Orange Walk Town

“Well, this is going to be a continuous work and we already started like I said  today and we will be commencing shortly with the building of the benches that will be placed here are the Guadalupe Park and we already a swing structure and we are just making sure we are reinforcing it and putting and we are going to be building the benches for the swing and we are going to be sourcing out to see how we are going to get a children slide to see how it is going to be placed here also at the Guadalupe Park.”

Work in the area is expected to continue in the weeks to come.

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