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  • Armed Robbers Target Zhen Zhen Shop In Xaibe village

    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:18
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    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:23
  • BRC Reaches Out To Belizeans To Assist The Bahamas

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  • GOB To Send Financial Assistance To The Bahamas

    Wednesday, 04 September 2019 02:36

Screen_Shot_2014-04-08_at_7.43.00_PMNew Horizons is a project that was first brought to Belize by the US Southern Command in 2001. It was implemented again in 2007, 2013 and now the project is back in Belize for 2014. This time the US Air Force and the US Army arrived in Belize on March 30th and joined forces with the Belize Defense Force, the Belize Agriculture Health Authority, BAHA and the Public Health Sector to carry out the New Horizon Belize 14. 


The joint exercise combines training with infrastructure projects and education, health and humanitarian works carried out in different communities across the country especially in rural areas.  Today we caught up with the team in the Village of Chunox in the Corozal District and found out what New Horizon 2014 is offering to Belizeans this time around.

Victor Castillo – Reporter

The Village of Chunox is located on the east bank of Laguna Seca towards the south end of the lagoon in the Corozal District. But there was different ambience in the village today as it was practically converted to a military base for the US Air Force, US Army, the Canadian Army and the Belize Defense Force.

But these soldiers are not here for combat, they are here to render aid to the more than one thousand residents of Chunox. The work is being carried out under the umbrella of the New Horizon Belize 2014 which the team forms a part of.

On the menu today was free Veterinary Services carried out with the assistance of members from the Belize Agriculture Health Authority and the Public Health Sector who conducted a house to house campaign along with members of the US Army providing shots to domestic pets and farm animals.

Dr. Joe Myers

“These services consist in vaccination, deworming and giving vitamins to pets and large animals, the treatment depends on what type of animals we are doing there is an example for cattle and sheep is specific black leg vaccination and the for other animals there is rabies vaccination .”

According to Captain Brian Joseph from the US Army, rabies is a virus that may affect the brain and spinal cord of all mammals, including dogs, cats and humans, hence why it is important to take all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the disease.

Captain Brian Joseph - US Arm

“Bases of our veterinary mission is two; one is to protect humans by immunizing dogs against rabies and also treating dogs for parasites which also protects humans and then in our further mission is to treat livestock and treat them for parasite and give the vitamins so that there is increase in meat production and there is more food for the farmers and more to sale.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“What are some of the treatments that these dogs have been getting today?”

Captain Brian Joseph - US Arm

“The dogs are being immunize for rabies which is a diseases that affects both humans and animals and we can’t immunize every animals here in Belize but by immunizing some proportion number we increase the instance of the disease and they are also being treated for internal parasites which also covers the ticks and flies that they have.”


While some of the team members carried out the free Veterinary Services, at the Chunox R.C School a team of approximately 30 medical practitioners was offering free medical consultation and checkups to villagers.

Captain Nickel– US Army

“We are doing a number of medical disciplines including dentistry and general medicine and we are just happy to be here and provide what we do.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“Are you offering any kind of medication for these patience that you are probably looking into to it?”

Captain Nickel– US Army

“Yes, we have medications out here and a lot of our medications are simple what we call over the counter medications which includes vitamins and Tylenol and iron and a lot of those stuff  but as a member of the US army my goal right now is training my soldiers and this is a good training area for it however partnership in the strategic level and on higher level are from other US Agencies.”

According to Captain Sidhu from the US Army, the dentistry clinic is the one most visit by both adults and children


Captain Sidhu – US Army

“Basically what we are seeing that people are not having and so we see a lot of decay and so the resource there are not much resources deliver to the people so we see a lot of decay but we are trying to help as much as we can and people are very nicely.”

Victor Castillo – Reporter

“So what are some of the things that you have done right here?”

Captain Sidhu – US Army

“Giving medications for the pain and giving toothbrushes for the kids and tell them how to brush their teeth and basically how to keep their teeth clean.”

Over 100 teeth have been extracted from patients.

The Team will be in the Village of Progresso on Thursday and Friday of this week. From Monday April 14th to Thursday April 17th they will be in the Village of Libertad. They will head out to the Southern part of the country on the 17th of April.

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