When the results for this years Primary School Examination were released by the Ministry of Education in the first week of June it showed that students performance on three of the papers was worse than last year. The results showed that compared to 2010 the mean score in English decreased by 8 points while in Math and Science students performances decreased by 5%. As a result of the decrease in performances the Ministry of Education will be conducting a number of workshops for teachers and summer programs for students in order to prepare them for the 2012 P.S.E.

babbCarol Babb- Deputy Chief Education Officer

“What we are doing for students who are having some problems in language arts and mathematics, we are providing a two seeks summer program to assist those students, to improve their skills in language arts and mathematics. We are also providing teacher training for our teachers, we are also providing literacy training in August. August is the month for professional development, we are looking at literacy, we are looking at mathematics, we are looking at classroom management, and we are looking at many things to improve the teaching and learning process.”

Workshops for teachers are expected to commence in the month of July. According to Deputy Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education Carol Babb the aim of the workshops is to enhance performance in the P.S.E.

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