anahiOn Friday we reported on a high school trip gone horribly wrong. As a consequence, two forth form students of Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico drowned in the Macal River after strong currants swept them off their feet while washing off. But it seems the drowning of 16 year old Edgar Puck from the Village of Patchakan and 15 year old Anahi Zepeda from San Joaquin was not the only mishap experienced that day.


But first let’s talk about the investigation being carried out by the Ministry of Education and the Board of Directors of ESTM.

We understand that today both parties met to look at preliminary findings and will make a determination in terms of how they will proceed in gathering additional evidence in getting students and teachers accounts of the incident. While it is an ongoing investigation Jahmor Lopez, Education Center Manager for the Corozal District, spoke to us on the course of action they will take.

Jahmor Lopez – Education center Manager, Corozal

“That is something that I have recommended that they develop a timeline and I know that they will commence immediately so I believe that they will do something between now and Friday bring the Easter break and then they will be working during the Easter and when we come back from Easter break so it is on-going but I haven’t gotten a specific timeline but I know they will develop one but what I can state categorically for the record is that they will start before we go on the Easter break.”

Now, to the second mishap that occurred on Friday last. On Monday, we received a call to our studios informing us of another student that was affected by the strong currents experienced of the Macal River. Luckily though, the student managed to pull himself out of the currents and the river but not before experiencing injuries. CTV3 News has been reliably informed by family members of the individual that he has been hospitalized at a Clinic in Chetumal. That report, according to Lopez, is also being looked at.

Jahmor Lopez – Education center Manager, Corozal

“I know that there is a student who is hospitalized I do not know about the specifics in terms of what is the nature of his injury or condition or why he was hospitalized but I do know that there was some treatment that was done I believe at the Belmopan hospital and I think even at the Corozal Hospital but then he was taken over to Chetumal where he was hospitalized and I think the latest report is that he is doing well but as to what resulted in him being hospitalized  I don’t have any specifics, I don’t have any information with a medical report so I cannot speculate as to what that is so yes I was informed.”

edgarMaria Novelo – Reporter

“But that aspect is not being investigated yet?”

Jahmor Lopez – Education center Manager, Corozal

“Well that is also a part of it that I know that a number of staff members have visited the student and we were able to get info from teachers who visited that he is up and doing well, and so that is a part of it as well it has to be thorough because that student in particular is able to shed light on I believe what actually transpired because he was in good proximity to the other student who perished so that has to be a part of it as well so that person will be interviewed  and there will be an investigation and we cannot leave no stones unturned.”

Lopez says the Ministry is still offering counsel services to the teachers and students of the school. We’ll keep monitoring this story and bring you the developments as they unfold.

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