Screen_Shot_2014-04-10_at_7.59.46_PMTonight, despite the tragic death of Benque Viejo Del Carmen resident, 47 year old Carl Diaz, there is good news to report for the residents of Lords Bank as the man-eating crocodile has been captured. Since the incident unfolded on Monday, Vince Rose, Owner of the American Crocodile Educational Sanctuary (ACES) has been setting traps and hunting the apex predator.

And Rose and his team hit the jackpot this afternoon when the Croc was captured. We spoke to Rose who said that immediately after its capture, the crocodile was euthanized. Here is what he told us via telephone today.

Vince Rose, Owner, American Crocodile Educational Sanctuary (ACES)

“Today we set up the traps and one local boy came up to me and said that he think he saw the croc and he brought me back to the bush and he pointed me to where he saw it and then I found his den where he lives and he was hiding in his den and that was about 10:00am and another ten local kids showed up and they insisted upon digging on his den and so I left them just to go ahead and start digging and was about to setting up another trap and then they finally broke through the top on the ground onto his den and saw him and then that was probably about 2pm and then I put my other trap onto him and safely capture him and then brought his to Aces Shrimp farm and at that point we call the police and they requested the animal to be put down as soon as possible and that is what happened.  I have over ten years of experience with crocodiles and when I got into the water this croc charged me and I identifies two chop spots on his tail and I would say it was probably nine to ten foot croc and the croc we pulled out of the whole was probably ten foot croc but misses about a foot and a half of his tail so my guess was real close and it has the same two whites spots on his tail which I identified so the same croc that charged me is the same croc that came and took my chicken bait the very first night that I was out there that I haven’t seen any other crocodile in the vicinity so I am 99.9% sure that that this is the croc right out.”   

Rose says ACES voluntarily relocates, or places in captivity, large American crocodiles living in dangerously close proximity of local residents and children. Crocodiles generally only become problematic and dangerous when they have been illegally fed by humans.

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