Screen_Shot_2014-04-10_at_7.59.57_PMThe Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College welcomed prospective students and their families to an Open Day at its campus today where visitors were treated to a fascinating range of exhibits from each program sector of the school’s curriculum. It also saw the participation of several members of the business community. Our news team arrived just in time to capture the event as it was winding down, here is that story.

Dalila ical – Reporting

A total of 276 students enrolled at the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College got some much needed hands on experience of the programs they are studying for; from tourism to IT to Agriculture. The open day was an ideal opportunity for the students to present and explain their work to a wide audience.

Lizbeth Cabral – Tourism Lecturer

“We divided the projects in the different sectors; we have food and beverage, attractions and entertainments and then we have history and culture, we have accommodations and we have like two operators on tourists and so all of these 16 projects we incorporated the Creole, the Garifuna, the Maya, the Mestizo, we have a ship and we have Belize Airways the first airline in Belize, we have the Billboard tour, ATM cave tour, we have a rainforest lodge and we have a variety of stuff out here today.”

The object in this sector was to encourage tourism in the northern districts and students were more than eager to share with us their presentations.

Gisellie Jacobs – 2nd Year Tourism student

“We did the ATM caves and this year we got the opportunity to go to a tourism course to go to the ATM caves and today we wanted to give the persons who came here the feel of what ATM is because it is a very beautiful cave that the people don’t have the chance to experience. It’s been very helpful especially in this industry you have to be very outgoing and expressing your creativity and being out there knowing what is going on and how you can improve Belize and sale Belize because it is very beautiful and very gifted with so many things that we can offer as a country.”

Lizbeth Cabral – Tourism Lecturer

“Give them a little hands on experience on what the tourism industry is, we sit them down in the classroom and we give them the theory but really what we want to do is to give them a little bit of practical so the need to incorporate and put that hands on experience what it is that they learn in the classroom, customer service which is very important in the tourism industry and we also want to promote tourism in the north.”

The school campus was transformed into a curricular playground where these students shared with their audience wildlife management and conservation. From butterfly farms to live animal displays, the expo had it all.

Biology student – Spoke on WishWilly

“Normally when it’s in morning the temperature is lower or cooler right, he will be absorbing the light in order to keep his body warmer. His defense is when a predator is about to make some harm normally he would leave a bit of his tail, dropping it and giving him time to escape.”

Biology Student – Spoke on White tail Deer

“The primary predator is the humans to two main reasons; because we are the ones who hunt them for either for food purposes of sporting activities. They feed on herbs, fruits and also vegetables, the deer is considered to be active during at night but it doesn’t mean they are nocturnal animals, they are active in the sense that they are always aware of what is going around them or if there is a predator for them to run and find a safe place.”

Dean of CEMJC, Hugo Gonzalez, says this year he was very impressed with the work the student body produced and showcased to the public.

Hugo Gonzalez - Dean of CEMJC

“I must say that I am very, very impressed with the work that the students showcase today and quite actually what I must mention is that in comparison to last year the groups are more dynamic, the work was more presentable and colorful and the amount of people that came in today to see the projects and the different booths it is very overwhelming I didn’t expected to have this amount of people here which gives a clear indication that our institution is growing and  becoming more recognized in our country and especially in our region.”

The theme for this year’s open day was ‘Dynamic Family, Innovative Projects”. MN For CTV3!

Dean Hugo Gonzalez says the Junior College is going through an expansion and foresees an even bigger population of students enrolling in the next academic year. The projects were critiqued and graded.

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