Screen_Shot_2014-04-10_at_8.00.25_PMPhysical activity is defined as any form of exercise or movement and may include planned activity such as walking, running or other sports. It may also include daily activities such as household chores, gardening, walking the dog and believe it or not flying a kite.

Now, we all know that it is that time of the year when kites are on demand. But for schools that hold kite competitions, it is more than just students having fun in the sun. Kite flying helps children feel more confident, happy and relaxed. The activity improves their self- esteem and self-concept, sense of belonging, ability to sleep better, self-expression and the opportunity to achieve.

With so many benefits in kite flying the Corozal Church of Christ Primary School launched their annual kite contest today. A total of 35 kites were submitted by students from preschool to standard one. The competition continues tomorrow with students from the middle division and upper division taking part in the event.

Participants are graded in several categories. Corozal Church of Christ Primary School has an enrolment of 193 students, 23 pre-schoolers and 9 teachers.

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