Screen_Shot_2014-04-14_at_7.45.33_PMSenior Counsel and Attorney Hubert Elrington, has over 40 years’ experience in the court of law of Belize and while we were interviewing him on the case of his client, Edison Johnson, accused of murdering 23 year old Carmelita resident Luke Cox and 24 year old Rhaburn Ridge Village resident Saul Garcia after he allegedly caught them burglarizing his farm, of particular interest was his sentiment over the judiciary system.


He made some stark insights referencing a case that was thrown out due to it being a ‘no case submission’ but the accused served years in prison.  It is a similar case as with Johnston, so we thought it was worthy of air time, here is that excerpt.

Hubert Elringhton– Senior Counsel

“On Friday just before this incident occurred I was at Belmopan in another murder case with Freddy Fernandez and an on a no case submission after he was there for six years from 2009 to now no five years he was acquitted of murder on a no case submission the judge just said there is no evidence why have you had this man in prison for so long so you know. Well our system needs a lot of remedy and instead of being remedied is getting worst in my view, there is a major, major, major problem in the police and in certain parts of the judiciary there needs to be some major overhaul right away it is really in a bad situation in my view.”

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