Screen_Shot_2014-04-14_at_7.45.45_PMThe Ministry of Health today received twenty six health support vehicles during a handing over at the National Engineering and Maintenance Center Compound in Belize City. These vehicles are donated by the Government and people of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai.

The health support vehicles are three-wheeled motorcycles with an attached covered unit equipped with seating and a stretcher to transport patients. According to a release by the Ministry, the vehicles will not be used as a replacement for conventional ambulances but will support the Ministry in the transportation of patients for healthcare services and coordinated assistance with our partners at health promotion events, social events, mobile clinics use and home visits.

The release also adds that only certain areas will be receiving the vehicles. These will be regional and community hospitals across the country where there are transportation and logistical challenges; and also to areas

that have a more dispersed high risk population group. The vehicles are valued at BZ$300,000.

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