The Corozal Police Formation has formulated several plans in order to keep Corozal Town and its rural areas safe during the Easter break. And the Orange Walk Police Formation is not staying behind. Police Officers will be working overtime during the holidays to keep the town and surrounding areas secure and as crime free as possible. Deputy Commander of the Formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett, shared some tips that the public can follow to ensure their own safety.

Screen_Shot_2014-04-15_at_8.04.27_PMInspector Selvin Tillett – Deputy Commanding Orange Walk Police

“Our ultimate goal is for us to give the best of what we have during that period so you can enjoy  your Easter break, police will have increased foot mobile, motorcycle and now we have bicycles, bicycle patrol in the area so if you see vehicle checkpoints, you see police man patrolling the areas, visiting homes and areas where usually people go out on vacations and business places.”


Dalila Ical –Reporter

“Will these be tightened as well in the night time?”

Inspector Selvin Tillett – Deputy Commanding Orange Walk Police

“This will be right through the Easter. Highway patrols, vehicle checkpoints all available at Orange Walk we will put I place.”

Dalila Ical –Reporter

“Could you give the public tips that they could follow to also help assist the police to protecting their property?”


Inspector Selvin Tillett – Deputy Commanding Orange Walk Police

“Basically and usually if you are leaving leave your light outside, inform your neighbor or someone that you are leaving, ensure that your doors and windows are properly locked.  If you are going to the river ensure that they have proper supervision especially the children, if you are driving don’t drink and drive and before you leave your home check your vehicle, check your brakes, check oil and everything because out there, there will be many vehicle and you want your vehicle to be in top shape for this season so we ask the people enjoy yourself and be careful and take care of yourself and your love ones.”

The public is advised to call the nearest police station to make any report or to report any suspicious activity in their communities.

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