Screen_Shot_2014-04-15_at_8.04.00_PMAfter living and celebrating the holy and penitential season of Lent, we enter into Holy Week which is the holiest and most important time in the Liturgical Year. Holy Week is the time in which we enter into the Paschal Mystery of Christ in a most unique and profound way. This reaches its climax in the celebration of the Triduum, the greatest of all liturgies, on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil when faithful’s truly walk with Christ and enter into his saving mystery.


Even though the Triduum is celebrated over three days, it is actually one liturgy that begins Holy Thursday evening and ends late Holy Saturday night. In fact, it is often called the “mother of all liturgies.” Through the Triduum, we literally walk and journey with Christ from the celebration of the Last Supper, to the Agony in the Garden, through the Passion and Crucifixion, unto the celebration and joy of the Resurrection. It is a powerful and moving experience that Catholics experience during the Lenten season. Today we stopped by at the La Inmaculada Parish Office and spoke with Sister Adalberta Chuc who spoke to us on the schedule of events for the Catholic Church.


Adalberta Chuc– Pallotine Sister

“The apostles will be there and they will having the washing of the feet, it will be composed of four men, four children and four women, this is the first year that we are having women involved in the group for the apostles and then from there the mass will continue, then the teachers they are going to have the transformation of the blessed sacrament from the alter to the tabernacle of repose so there they will place the blessed sacrament and then adoration begins by the faithful, we have different groups that will be coming at different hours during the night and we are going to finish at 2pm in the morning of Thursday.  We have the schools participating forming for adoration and then we also have the high school and then at 2pm we are going to start the novena of the divine mercy and then immediately after that the service for Good Friday begins, we do not have any mass in Good Friday so it is divided into three parts which is the liturgy of the word, the federation of the cross and then we have the distribution of the communion and then at 4 o’clock we are going to go out for the procession which is the stations of the cross that is around town.”

Chuc says the Triduum ends with the celebration of the Easter Vigil which is the climax of the entire Liturgical Year. It is the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, and the entire loving plan of salvation accomplished in Christ. The Easter vigil says Sister Chuc, will be bilingual.

Adalberta Chuc– Pallotine Sister

“The lighting of the candle is Jesus Christ, coming back to life to us, he is the light so then the Easter candle is lit, that is the light of Christ, and so each one lights a candle to remind us of Jesus Christ in our lives and not only that we are baptized because during this Easter celebration we are going to have the blessing of the water and at the same time we are going to be blessed with the holy water and we are going to have our candle lit and we are going to renew our promise, baptismal promises which is very important for lent we have not been singing the glory until Easter vigil the Gloria will be song and the bell will ring to show us that Christ is alive so Easter vigil is a different celebration.”

The Easter Vigil and procession starts at 6:30pm on Saturday. It will me move from Muffles Street and end at the La Inmaculada Catholic Church.

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