Screen_Shot_2014-04-15_at_8.03.48_PMWhile school is out for the Easter break, the students at Bishop Martin High School were busy entertaining the children at the Sandy Hunter Library with their renditions of folk tales from our history. Today when we stopped by at the library, students were presenting their stories to a handful of kids in the library’s reading program. English Teacher at the School, Ester Tepaz told us more on today’s activity.

Ester Tepaz – English teacher, Bishop Martin High School

“They are stories based on the folktale characters and they are stories which they had to interview their gran parents to get, they are not the traditional stories you find in the textbooks because these are original stories told to them by their grandparents because one of the problems we find with kids is that sometimes they claim that they do not have an idea of what to write on so when they were asked to interview their grandparents they came up with many ideas and so that was created into stories and then the best stories were chosen to make Jumbo story books like the ones you see presented here today and that is what we showcase here today.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Now is this part of their extracurricular activities or is it part of their curriculum they are going to get graded on it?”


Ester Tepaz – English teacher, Bishop Martin High School

“It is a grade they get but we integrated into our curriculum so as to, there is two purposes to this for our high schools kids we want to instill a love for writing and for the kids that we invited at the library we want to instill a love for reading so in both cases both of them our objective is to get them to love writing and reading.  We noticed that the smiles on their faces gave us that assurance that they enjoyed the stories so we are happy what we did here today.”

The stories were graded and students received credit towards their English classes.

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