robberyTonight, despite having surveillance footage of the perpetrators in yesterday’s brazen mid-morning robbery at the Orange Walk’s Bargain Center, authorities are still trying to identify the men in the footage provided by the store.


When we contacted Deputy in Command, Selvin Tillett he informed us that they were following up on some leads but no arrests were made so far. For context, two men; one of dark complexion and the other of Hispanic descent entered the thrift store located on Main Street at around 9:45 yesterday morning.


They held up the cashier on shift and stole cash and phones. The entire incident took only two minutes as the robbers were swift and were able to conceal their identity, at least to a certain extent making it difficult for police to identify them since they wore hats, sunglasses and the Hispanic male hid his face covering it with his shirt. The store owner says the thieves made off with over $7,000 worth in cell phones and about $250.00 in cash.

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