websterA Canadian widow has launched an investigation into the death of her husband in San Ignacio Cayo that occurred on December 23 2012.


For context, when police investigated the incident they concluded that Lloyd Webster had committed suicide since he was found hanging from beam at his home.


But the widow of the deceased Renee Webster is not buying that theory. She recalls that after not being able to contact her husband she asked neighbors to check on him. They found him hanging from a beam in the basement of the house.


This determination was made after a short 2 hour examination of the house. There was no suicide note and Renee Webster says there are many things that just don’t add up.

She says she launched her own investigation after hiring an American Investigator who resides in Cayo.  After utilizing the police crime scene photos and researching into the mechanics of a hanging and the implications of Lividity (blood pooling in body after death) on the body of Lloyd Webster, the investigator concluded that the physical findings on his body are inconsistent with a suicide.

After the investigation was completed, Renee says they approached the DPP and after her review of the case with her lawyer and investigator she had the case file sent back to San Ignacio. Renee says her goal in this is to have the ruling of suicide overturned and have it called what it actually is- “Murder”.

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